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Triumph Modular

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Triumph Modular
Glenn Cort
(800) 257-2536

About Triumph Modular

Triumph Modular serves the educational community by providing temporary and permanent modular school, classroom and office space. With more than 34 years of experience, Triumph Modular has worked with owners, architects and engineers to design and build custom modular buildings. As a turnkey specialty contractor, Triumph provides pre-construction assistance, budgeting, project schedule development and construction management services. We deliver award-winning solutions by continually innovating modular buildings.


Roger Harris
Boston Renaissance Charter School
(617) 357-0900
Rich Guade
MIT Childcare Center
(717) 324-3338
Joel Day
Harvard Yard
(617) 495-8682
Steve Popper
Newman Elementary
(781) 455-7550