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Help support charter public school students, families, and teachers so they can continue to deliver on an education that adds up.

Why Advocacy?

Because it is wicked important. No, seriously. Parents should have the right to decide which public school will best serve the unique needs of their children, whether that be a district, vocational, or charter public school. We advocate on behalf of charter public schools in order to advance policy changes that increase opportunities for kids in ALL public schools in Massachusetts as well as policies that specifically benefit kids in charter public schools.

Mcpsa works towards

Fair And Adequate Resources

Charter public schools will have access to adequate, equitable funding, facilities, and any other necessary resources.

Empowered Accountability

Charter public schools will have autonomy, policy support, and transparent accountability.

Access To Quality Schools

Quality charter public schools will have the ability to serve students and grow to meet the demand of the Massachusetts kids and families.

MCPSA Priorities

More funding for all public schools especially for the communities and kids that need it the most

More funding for other state budget priorities that ensure equitable funding for all public school students

Other targeted solutions that support students and schools

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To learn more about MCPSA’s legislative work, contact:

Michael Falcone

Chief of Government Affairs