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Rozzy Learning Company

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Rozzy Learning Company
Allison Bischoff
(813) 447-0121

About Rozzy Learning Company

Discovering STEAM Careers Program: Our year-long, supplemental program introduces students in PreK-5th grade to STEAM careers. Students will tinker, build, and explore while solving real-world problems that STEAM professionals face (e.g., cleaning up an oil spill like a marine biologist). The program doesn’t rely on any expensive kits or technology, meaning it is affordable for all classrooms. Teachers will have access to lesson plans, visual aids, scientific writing journals. The Discovering STEAM Careers Program can be implemented in a variety of educational settings, including camps, after-school programs, and during the school day!

Teacher Empowerment Workshops: Our interactive workshops give teachers the tools and confidence they need to bring STEAM to the classroom. Teachers will leave with a comprehensive toolkit that provides them with a workbook as well as ideas to confidently bring STEAM to their classroom. Our workshops allow teachers to share STEAM-inspired lessons they have already taught and learn new ideas and
techniques to easily infuse STEAM into all subject areas.

STEAM Products: We are the authors of the first ethnically diverse, interactive STEAM children’s book, Maggie the Magnifying Glass. Our children’s book is a great introduction to scientific thinking and STEAM careers. Additionally, we are prototyping STEAM activity mats and other products for students and teachers.


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