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Lincoln Investment Planning, Inc.

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Lincoln Investment Planning, Inc.
Jeffrey D. Campbell, Financial Advisor
(781) 647-3050

About Lincoln Investment Planning, Inc.

As a full-service broker-dealer and registered investment advisor, Lincoln Investment serves the diverse and changing financial needs of more than 235,000 individual investors, representing over $20.6 billion in assets. With over 45 years of industry leadership and specialized expertise in the delivery of investment strategies, we have become a resource to financial advisors, enabling them to provide their clients with a lifetime of financial services. Based in suburban Philadelphia, PA, Lincoln Investment has a network of 830 financial advisors with over 300 branches in 36 states. We are committed to helping individuals and families achieve long-term financial well-being through the expert guidance of their financial advisors.


Cindy Krackovic, Director of Business Services
Seven Hills Charter Public School
Tyler Martin, Director of Finance and Operations
Boston Preparatory Charter Public School
(617) 333-6688ext. 112
Christina Killizli-Salameh, Director of Human Resources
Kipp Academy Massachusetts
(781) 598-1609ext. 1218
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City On A Hill Charter Public School
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