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Domingos & Associates

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Domingos & Associates
Kevin Domingos, PhD
(781) 559-8444

About Domingos & Associates

D&A is a multi-faceted behavioral health group offering services to schools in Massachusetts. With on-site school testing, results can be faster and more accurate. We work with the school administration, faculty and parents making recommendations to help each student reach their full potential. Only the most up-to-date assessment tools are used for evaluations that deal with: Neuropsychological issues, psycho-educational problems, psychological and emotional conditions, behavioral checklists and projective testing. 

Our Services:
Neuropsychological Evaluations
Individual and Group Counseling
In-Service Training
Behavioral Management
Crisis Intervention
Psycho-educational Evaluations
Parent/Teacher Consultations
Team Meeting Participation
Staff Training
Independent Evaluations


Kathy Kinnon
Mystic Valley Regional Charter School
Alicia Fessenden
Bridge Boston Charter School
Janis Broder
Lawrence Family Development Charter School
(978) 689-9863ext. 121