Parents have so much to say about charter public schools and what a charter public school education has meant for their children.  And the very best way to share these stories with lawmakers and others is directly.  There is nothing more powerful than hearing first-hand from parents, in their own words.  We asked a few of our parent advocates to agree to be interviewed on camera so we could produce short videos that could be posted on social media and shared with lawmakers.  The results?  Incredible!  Take a look and see for yourself. 

Straight Talk:  Parents on Charter Schools

All Means All: Parents Leading the Fight for Equity in Education 

Parents are the driving force of the charter school movement in Massachusetts.  From the beginning, parents have fought for more quality choices in public education for their children and that fight continues to this day.  Parent demand for charter school seats must be amplified to send a strong message to lawmakers on Beacon Hill about the need to Lift the Cap and provide more charter seats. 

Parents who want to choose a charter school for their child have to enter their child’s name in a lottery and hope that their name gets picked.  That’s the only way to win admission to a charter school.  But the odds are not in their favor.

In 2016, more than 32,000 children are on waiting lists for a seat in a charter public school, with 12,000 in Boston alone.  Imagine what any other industry would do if it had 32,000 consumers on a waiting list…so why are we still waiting??

We need every charter parent to become informed and involved as an advocate.  Please click here to join our action network – and ask your friends to join too!!!