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MCPSA NEWSLETTER: Thank You To All The Amazing Teachers In Our Lives

Date Published: May 10, 2019

Author: Tim Nicolette

For Teacher Appreciation Week last year, I shared a personal story about my favorite teacher growing up, Mr. Coleman. I recounted how Mr. Coleman pushed my thinking as a young adult in completely new ways and I mentioned how his deep desire to see each one of my classmates succeed profoundly impacted me as a student and as a person.

This year, I want to share a few heartfelt anecdotes about the charter public school teachers that inspire(d) you.

Beverly Bruce, South Shore Charter Public School

“Beverly Bruce has been a reading teacher at SSCPS since 2003. In that time, she has taught countless students how to have confidence and success in their reading. Bev shares her love of literature with our youngest students in real and meaningful ways. Our youngest students learn not only how to decode, but how to bring their own worlds into text. Bev has done amazing work here and has supported many students to succeed in their education.” – Alicia S.

Deb Cutrer and Jane Paquet, Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School

“Two teachers that guided me were my advisors Deb Cutrer and Jane Paquet. Both gave me their time inside and outside of school and helped me with personal as well as academic struggles. Every morning the advisors would get together and discuss what was going on in our lives, which was a relief for some students who had unstable lives at home.” – Anna H.

Emily Dixon, Brooke Charter Schools

“Ms. Dixon has a place in the heart of my family that I can’t explain. I see her consistent hard work, diligence, compassion, and creative thinking that she brings to my daughter’s learning that not only can I feel, but my daughter as well… As a parent, I give her a foundation, but the expertise that Ms. Dixon brings to education is amazing.” – Tamika W-B.

Brittany Engle, Foxborough Regional Charter School

“Ms. Engle is an amazing teacher who has an amazing personality. She is the reason I push myself to become a better writer and she makes English class enjoyable.” – Carla T.

Kate MacDougall and Rebecca Schnaper, Springfield Prep Charter School

“I love my teachers because they are kind and funny. They are nice to learn with and they teach me a lot of stuff. I think it’s really cool that they have jobs as teachers!” – Romeo T.

Yamil Maldonado and Janeen Connor, Veritas Prep Charter School

“Ms. Maldonado and Ms. Connor are excellent teachers! Both fifth grade teachers are just amazing! I have interacted with many staff at the school and they are all just wonderful.” – Yamilca N.

Stephen Swiech, Boston Prep Charter Public School

“Mr. Swiech is so energetic and is always in a good mood. He is so helpful and takes the time to help troubleshoot when something isn’t going right with a project. I’m always excited to learn in his class because when the teacher is excited, the work is more fun.” – Khoral J.

Our Commonwealth is filled with teachers like Beverly Bruce, Deb Cutrer, Jane Paquet, Emily Dixon, Brittany Engle, Kate MacDougall, Rebecca Schnaper, Yamil Maldonado, Janeen Connor, and Stephen Swiech who are transforming the lives of children on a daily basis. At the 74+ charter public schools in our state, we have over 3,000 passionate and hard-working educators that are driven by a deep sense of mission, whether that is to support kids’ unique needs by teaching in an expeditionary or project-based learning setting, or by supporting students in a literacy-rich environment who have come to their school unable to read at grade level.

A sincere thank you to all the charter public school teachers working every single day to support our students’ success.

In gratitude,

Executive Director, Massachusetts Charter Public School Association