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MCPSA Statement on the Release of Spring 2021 MCAS Scores

Date Published: September 23, 2021

Author: Tim Nicolette

Massachusetts Charter Public School Association Statement  on the Release of Spring 2021 MCAS Scores 

BOSTON, MASeptember 21, 2021 – Massachusetts Charter Public School Association (MCPSA) Executive Director Tim Nicolette issued the following statement today in response to the release of the Spring 2021 MCAS Results:

“The 2020-2021 school year was a year characterized by incredible disruption in nearly all aspects of life, including in education. Our entire community – our teachers, leaders, families and students – navigated a completely new way of teaching and learning, and we are incredibly proud of the commitment they showed to our shared goals and values.

The Spring 2021 MCAS data, released today, confirms what we expected: the disrupted school year left much learning unfinished. Our schools have already begun the important work of using the data to assess the academic needs of every student and implement strategies to accelerate learning, while augmenting supports to address students’ equally important social emotional needs. Our schools remain fiercely committed to ensuring each and every student has the rich experiences needed to support their continued growth.

Charter public schools across the Commonwealth have been implementing and will continue to implement a variety of strategies to accelerate student growth, such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Offered Summer Academies, which included in-person classes and out-of-school enrichment opportunities;
  • Deliver grade-level content, rather than remedial classes;
  • Implement more frequent diagnostic interim assessments to identify specific learning needs, which are then addressed through small group instruction, targeted support, and intervention blocks;
  • Provide tutoring during and after school, including Saturday school;
  • Expand professional development for teachers;
  • Enhance instruction and programs for English Language Learners and students with special needs by hiring additional teachers and support staff; 
  • Build social emotional learning and executive function skills into all core classes and increase the amount of time dedicated to skill- and relationship-building sessions; and
  • Implement self-paced/asynchronous learning programs for students who struggle with attendance or require flexible scheduling to accommodate their jobs and family responsibilities.

More information on school strategies is available upon request.  


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