Stella Templin and other students: Young students outraged at new Alabama abortion law

Date Published: 
June 3, 2019
Daily Hampshire Gazette
Alabama has passed the “Human Life Protection Act,” which would make almost all abortions in the state of Alabama illegal.
Many of my peers and I are strongly opposed to this kind of legislation, which could affect teens our age, but none of us have the right to vote.
Abortion should be an individual choice. If an abortion conflicts with someone’s morals or beliefs, they may decide not to have one, but to take this right away from others is immensely unfair.
Sarah Molano, 13, says, “It’s easier to choose someone else’s fate than your own.”
Most people voting on this act and others like it are wealthy white cisgender men who feel empowered to dictate other peoples’ access to abortion and bodily integrity.
In the words of Sylvie Cove, 15, “criminalizing abortions (is) insensitive... inhumane and harmful.” Often people choose to have abortions because they are unprepared or unable to care for a child. This ban could also put people in danger should they attempt to abort the fetus themselves.
Zoe Lepine, 13, states, “Banning abortion is going to put women in a very unsafe place.”
The “Human Life Protection Act” also potentially criminalizes miscarriages. This is outrageous. Miscarriages can’t be avoided and they happen through no fault of the woman. To call a miscarriage “abuse of a corpse” is disgusting. If someone is raped and gets an abortion, they will likely face more time in jail than the rapist, according to this act.
Anna Bialek, 15, told me, “it is completely unfair and unethical to tell these people... that they are unable to choose the next steps for themselves.”
My friends and I are unable to vote on these kinds of decisions or have our voices heard the way many adults are. I hope that this letter can make our stance on the subject of abortion rights recognized.
Stella Templin
Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Public Charter School
Sylvie Cove
Amherst Regional High School
Sarah Molano
Zoe Lepine
JFK Middle School
Anna Bialek