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Rising Tide students participate in Civics Night

Date Published: April 19, 2019

Author: Wicked Local Plymouth

PLYMOUTH — Students in grade 11 at Rising Tide Charter Public School presented collaborative work from their Civics and Economics course at an evening event on April 11.

This course propels juniors to consider their roles as global citizens and consumers with responsibilities to others at the local, national and international levels. As part of the course, students explored one of four civic issues connected to the local region: emergency response, mental health, the opioid crisis or pollution. Working in groups, they conducted field research, collected and analyzed data, and designed a polished presentation of their findings and proposed solutions. These were presented during Civics Night to invited guests and members of the public.

One student group took on the topic of emergency response and demonstrated a First Aid/CPR lesson to be taught potentially in an Advisory class, a home base within the school where students develop skills connected to wellness, community building and future planning. The leaders of this group were Emily Snyder, John Schelleng, Jack Smerczynski and Ina Dombrowski.

Another group focused on pollution and filmed a public service announcement about the dangers of pollution and what individuals can do to help. The group leaders were Zachary Winston, Morgan Derby, Angelina Kelliher, Liam Foley and Kashka Senat, with Alexander King contributing to the creation of the PSA.

The students’ individual and collective work exemplifies the Schoolwide Objectives and Benchmark Skills of Rising Tide. As Communicators, Investigators, Self-Directed Learners, and Community Stewards, emerging leaders have taken on these issues to educate the public and make a positive impact on the community.

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