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Next Stop: Bryn Mawr College – Possible Project Alum Beza Prepares for What’s Next

Date Published: September 5, 2019

Author: The Possible Project

After three impactful years with The Possible Project, Prospect Hill Academy graduate Beza Wondwossen is heading to Bryn Mawr College to continue her studies.

She credits the entrepreneurial mindset she honed at The Possible Project for helping to shape what she wants to study in college and pursue as a career, as she prepares to major in computer science.

While she said she learned a lot in the program, one lesson she’ll take with her is ‘don’t give up’:

“There is a lot of trial and error in starting a business and you aren’t going to get it on the first try. Creating a prototype is hard but once you get to the point where you think it’s a good product and you think you can sell something, that’s when you feel like you’ve accomplished something”

Beza and her teammates created a bath bomb company called Fizzypop as part of The Possible Project’s entrepreneurship curriculum (at the height of popularity for bath bombs, she was quick to add). The underlying lessons of starting a business with other students have stuck with her, but what she most remembers is how much emphasis the educators at The Possible Project place on setting up the right environment for students.

“The Possible Project is a safe space for students who come from places where they usually don’t have the opportunity to do the things we do here. I don’t think I would have ever found a program where I could use a heat press or a 3-D printer or pop in an say hi to staff everyday.”

She and her fellow students learned a variety of software and hardware (as in the aforementioned 3-D printer) as they developed their businesses after completing the initial entrepreneurship component of The Possible Project’s student engagement program.

Beza has returned to The Possible Project a few times as a Teaching Assistant, supporting our educators in their ongoing work with students. That’s where she met Skye Henderson, a Possible Project Summer Intern and rising sophomore at Bryn Mawr.

“Bryn Mawr is a great school and I can’t wait to start. I’ve always wanted to go to a small school because I grew up that way and I’m really excited to make new friends and make new connections – And I’ve already met a Bryn Mawr student (Skye!) through Possible Project!”