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MCPSA Model Policies Manual

MCPSA Model Policies Manual

Please see the Table of Contents for Core Policies which indicates which policies were revised and/or added in the Winter/Spring of 2019.

Revised/Newly Added Policies:

  1. The waitlist retention issue is now addressed in the “Lottery and Waitlist Policy” (Section XII).
  2. The overnight field trip question has been addressed and fleshed out in the “Field Trip Policy” (Section VII).
  3. New policies were added for the following topics:
    1. Foster Care Students (Section VIII)
    2. Chronic Absenteeism (Section VIII)
    3. Reviewing Research Proposals (Section IV)
    4. Mental Health Policy (Section IV)
    5. Drug and Alcohol Policy (Section VII) – This policy focuses on teaching students about the consequences for drug and alcohol possession, use, and distribution at school.