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Eduporium, Inc

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Eduporium, Inc
Palo Peirce
(617) 600-7230

About Eduporium, Inc

Eduporium has the expertise to partner directly with charter schools across the Northeast and provide innovative EdTech and IT that enhance STEM classrooms, modernize makerspaces, and enable painless 1:1 learning. The EdTech products - coding kits, robotics packages, and more - and customizable services we provide, including hands-on activities that emphasize key STEM skills, help students enrolled in charter schools enjoy a more complete education and build the knowhow they need to get ahead. From an IT perspective, we leverage strategic partnerships with leading brands, like Cisco, HP, Samsung, and many others, which allow us to offer schools aggressive pricing on essential learning tools. We’re capable of finding the EdTech charter school’s need to provide innovative learning opportunities at all grade levels, including affordable access to top-notch products, like littlebits, Ozobot, Raspberry Pi, 3D Printers, Servers, Wireless Networks and Switches, Personal Computers and Tablets, and many others.


Toni Carlson
Watertown Public Schools
Marina Machado
Onondaga Cortland Madison BOCES