Teachers: Get with the charter reality

Date Published: 
September 17, 2011
Lawrence Harmon
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CHARTER SCHOOLS removed the crust of complacency from public education. Doors swung open to longer school days and more opportunity. Now the Boston Teachers Union must decide whether it wants to compete with these independent schools or continue losing students to them.

A new report by the nonprofit Boston Municipal Research Bureau offers a no-nonsense look at the future financial and enrollment impact of charter schools in Boston. It’s not just another in a line of dueling studies on whether charter schools outshine their district counterparts. Instead, it’s a by-the-numbers analysis showing that charter school enrollment is likely to hit the 8,000-student mark in Boston by 2015, up from about 5,000 today. And if Boston school officials think they have headaches now trying to close or consolidate schools due to empty seats, just wait for the next group of charter schools to open.