Date Published: 
March 5, 2018
Tim Nicolette, Executive Director

BOSTON – March 1, 2018 – In the wake of yet another school shooting - this one with 17
victims at a high school in Parkland Florida - proposals have been circulated to provide teachers
and school staff with firearms to protect students. The charter public school community sends
its deepest condolences to Parkland families, and we commend the students who are leading a
national movement to promote sensible gun safety laws.

We strongly oppose arming teachers in our classrooms. We believe there are numerous other
policy measures that can and should be taken at the federal, state, and local level to improve
safety in our schools, and we urge our lawmakers to consider these important, common sense
measures to protect our students, teachers, and families.

Our schools employ numerous safety measures to ensure that no one enters without first being
identified. Our teachers and counselors are trained to react quickly in the event of an
emergency, and schools have developed close relationships with their local police departments
to ensure a rapid response.

Our children should be able to attend warm, inviting, and safe schools every day. Surely our
country's leaders can develop solutions that will advance that environment, not impede it.