Hampden Charter School of Science delivers hundreds of flowers on Mother's Day

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May 11, 2014
Elizabeth Román
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CHICOPEE — All of the mothers of students at the Hampden Charter School of Sciencecan rest assured that they will have flowers on Mother's Day.

For the past five years the administration, teachers and staffed have gathered at the school on Mother's Day morning, picked up the bouquets and spread out across Greater Springfield delivering flowers.

"We have students from Springfield, West Springfield, Chicopee and Ludlow, so we have teachers driving all around the cities delivering flowers," said Harun Celik, director of the school.

The school has 350 students and 288 parents, about 270 received flowers this morning.

"There were a few who said they would not be home, but everyone else will get their flowers," Celik said.

The tradition started years ago when the school staff began brainstorming ideas to show appreciation to the parents and encourage participation in the school.

"We thought about a luncheon or a breakfast, but we figured most mothers would want to be home with their families, so we go to them," Celik said.

Rodney Smith, a teacher at the school, delivered flowers last year and loved the reactions from the mothers.

"They are all so appreciative. I've had parents who thought we were showing up because the student was in trouble, because they see teachers walking up to their door, but then they are shocked and happy," he said.

Smith said the gesture makes them more relatable to parents.

Joe Borelli, the Dean of Students at the school said there is a lot of parent involvement at the school."It paves the way for good communication with the parents. They see us as human beings who they can approach and talk to about their kids education," he said.

"We are always looking for ways to make sure parents are engaged in the process," he said.

The flowers are purchased by the school from All Occasions Flowers on Memorial Drive in Chicopee.

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