FRCS students enjoy travels in China!

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November 27, 2018
Foxborough Regional Charter School:
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Right now, a group of six Foxborough Regional Charter School High School students and two Middle School teachers are having the experience of a lifetime! They are in the midst of a 12 day trip to China!

Lydia and Maya Chubet, Elissa Cano, Sophia Boyko, Emily Berry, Tanisha Garhwal, Mr. Ben Dyer and Ms. Kim Ledoux left for China on November 16th.
In addition to visiting the Great Wall of China, and the Forbidden City – the students have attended school at our sister school, No. 1 High School in Handan County. “Our Chinese hosts have commented on how outgoing our students are and how it has helped the Chinese students be more comfortable with us.” said Ms. Ledoux.
The students are being exposed to lots of culture and are embracing these new experiences! Ms. Ledoux says their willingness makes her proud! “I am so proud of the FRCS students. They have adapted very well to the culture and have been willing to try everything. When we watched a dance class yesterday, both Tanisha and Sophia offered to perform dance routines that they learned at home. Ben Dyer played basketball with Chinese students this morning, which they thought was just great.” she said.