A closer look at the Alma del Mar-NBPS memorandum of understanding

Date Published: 
March 17, 2019
Aimee Chiavaroli
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NEW BEDFORD — The New Bedford School Committee and the Alma del Mar Board of Trustees will decide the fate of the proposed neighborhood charter school by voting on a memorandum of understanding that education leaders signed March 12.

The Alma del Mar Board of Trustees will vote on the MOU at 5 p.m. Monday at the school, 515 Belleville Ave. The New Bedford School Committee has not set a date for a vote but it is expected to happen this week.

The MOU obtained by The Standard-Times outlines 28 points over eight pages, from neighborhood zone and redistricting, transfers, finances, the former Kempton School, transportation and dispute resolution.

Mayor Jon Mitchell, Superintendent Thomas Anderson and Alma del Mar Executive Director Will Gardner signed the MOU.

If the School Committee and Alma Board of Trustees ratify the MOU, DESE Commissioner Jeffrey Riley would look for the conveyance of the former Kempton School and approval of enabling legislation for New Bedford by early May for the second campus to open in the fall.