CCSC celebrates "Alumni Day"

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January 9, 2012
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From Boston College and Swarthmore they came, Wheaton College, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, and many other schools, too, dozens of graduates returning to their roots at Community Charter School of Cambridge recently to celebrate, and participate in, the school’s inaugural “Alumni Day.”

“It’s refreshing, exciting,” said Joli Ripert ‘10, a sophomore at Fairfield University. “It makes me feel good to see my old teachers and share with students what I’ve learned at college,”
Morning events, including an alumni panel of nine CCSC graduates now at colleges and universities across the country, and a presentation and sharing of top college essays by members of the current senior class, took place at Microsoft’s New England Research and Development center.
“What a terrific venue and an inspiring reminder to current students and alumni alike of what awaits them upon graduation,” said Paula Evans, CCSC’s Head of School. “Microsoft was a wonderful host.”
More than 200 current students in 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade attended the panel presentation.
“Today was such an important step for us as a school. We’ve been successful sending students to college and know that they’re doing well. However, this event was about bridging the two worlds, having our alums start to make college life more real for those presently enrolled at CCSC. Showing students what’s coming and how best to get there is absolutely critical.” said Caleb Hurst-Hiller, principal of CCSC’s Upper School. “What a wonderful experience for the presenters and the audience alike.”
For 90 minutes, CCSC students heard directly from CCSC alumni about the transition to college, orientation, workload, life on campus, living in a dormitory, financial aid, summer opportunities, and more.
The alumni panel consisted of Mitchell Moise, ‘09, Emmanuel College, Rachel Evelyn Jean-Louis, Denison University, ‘09, Ariel Garcia, ‘09, UMASS-Dartmouth, Steven Rodenas, ‘09, Boston College, Demetri Falherty,’ 11, Massachusetts College of Art, Andrea Morgan, ‘10, Providence College, Ms.  Ripert, ‘10, Fairfield, and Darryl Brown, ‘10, Dean College.
CCSC hosted an afternoon reception on campus for alumni, allowing them time to reconnect with classmates at other colleges and also reunite with faculty and staff.
“There’s such a sense of community here,” said Leah Jean-Louis, ’10, a sophomore at Swarthmore College. “People here really care about us, even after we graduate.”
School officials lauded the efforts of Amy Daniels, CCSC’s alumni coordinator, for organizing the event.