Back to School Guide: Atlantis Charter School

Date Published: 
August 17, 2018
Linda Murphy
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SCHOOL DISTRICT: Atlantis Charter School

START DATES: Monday, Aug. 27, for grades 1-12; Tuesday, Aug. 28, for kindergarten

WHAT’S NEW: This is Atlantis’ first full year in its new campus on South Watuppa Pond and its second year serving all grades K-12. The school’s newly constructed athletic facilities will be ready to serve fall varsity sports, and the school is implementing a busing option for Atlantis families.

WHO’S NEW: “Atlantis is excited to bring on some excellent new teachers and staff this year, but families will see many of the same friendly faces in our front offices, around the school, and at our family events,” said Executive Director Robert L. Beatty.

WHAT FAMILIES SHOULD KNOW: “Atlantis is excited to welcome its students and families to the 2018-2019 school year. As we do every year, we look forward to making this one our best yet. The success of our students and families takes a lot of hard work from the entire school community, but it is worth it in the pursuit of making our students as successful as they can possibly be in college, career, and life. Let’s get to work,” added Beatty.