Lower and Middle School Tutorial Coordinator

Codman Academy Charter Public School
School Address: 
637 Washington St
Dorchester, MA 02124
Job Type: 
Part Time
Full Description: 

Supervisor: K1-8 Principal 

Description: The Tutorial Coordinator serves as the leader of the Lower and Middle School’s in-house academic support. The Tutorial Coordinator runs Codman’s comprehensive one-on-one and small group teaching program, aimed at improving students’ academic skills.

Start date: July 1 - June 30

Responsibilities include (but not limited to): 

Tutorial Program Management

  • Set up the basic parameters of the Tutorial program: who, what, where, when, why
  • Manage Tutorial program
    • Serve LMS students weekly
    • Recruit, hire, and train lead tutors and tutors
    • Help lead tutors meet their responsibilities and hold them accountable
    • Ensure that tutors are paid through the appropriate sources
    • Serve as on-site program lead 
    • Conduct program evaluation 
  • Lead curriculum development and implementation
    • Adapt Tutorial materials around curriculum, student accountability, and tutor professionalism to age group and skill level of students, numbers of tutors
    • Provide Tutorial curriculum and professional development to lead tutors and tutors
  • Support students to achieve high levels of academic growth
    • Maintain regular tutor and student attendance according to program requirements
    • Ensure creation and dissemination of regular progress reports
  • Disseminate information to appropriate groups
    • Compile student performance data and communicate it to students, parents and colleagues 
  • Collaborate with Codman teachers and administrators, especially those who share students to identify areas of growth for students as a means of aligning the Tutorial program to meet needs

Academic Support

  • Project support, as needed

Community Engagement and Stewardship

  • We are crew, not passengers, and we uphold that ideal as we support each other in reaching our shared goals. 
  • Every adult in our community is a teacher and a role model, and we model and implement EL Education design principles and core practices to the best of our ability in our roles.
  • Advance the educational mission of the school by participating in duties and responsibilities consistent with building, upholding and promoting a strong Codman community.
  • We actively value and solicit feedback in order to improve performance.

We are looking for a dynamic leader with…

  • a strong track record of success
  • exceptional communication and motivational skills, including writing and speaking to diverse constituents
  • a passion for Codman’s mission and EL Education philosophy, which deepens intellectual growth through experience, reflection and social action
  • a proven ability to build community, inspire and lead teams, whether adults or students, to achieve ambitious learning and teaching goals
  • facility utilizing data to drive improvement
  • established habits of creative collaboration
  • an abiding sense of urgency
  • a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree preferred
  • at least 2 years of relevant experience
Application Procedure: 

Please apply through our website.

Application Deadline: 
March 22, 2019