Dean of Culture 9-12

Codman Academy Charter Public School
School Address: 
637 Washington St
Dorchester, MA 02124
Job Type: 
Full Time
Start Date: 
July 1, 2019
Contact Name: 
Rebecca Gosla
Contact Email: 
Full Description: 

Job Title: Dean of Culture 9-12

Supervisor: Principal 9-12

Start date: July 1 - June 30

Hours: 8:45am-5:15pm, Monday-Friday

Description: The Dean of Culture models how to build strong, mutually respectful relationships with students and families and supports teachers to do the same. S/he serves as the team leader for student accountability (discipline) and identification of additional resources for families (enrichment, preventative programs, etc.) for grades 9-12. The Dean of Culture is the keeper of culture, ensuring that our school’s ways of being support high levels of student growth and achievement. This position requires a creative and inspiring educator with adult leadership experience, high energy, excellent organizational abilities and a talent for creating a warm and supportive environment for children.

Responsibilities (including, but not limited to):

Student Support and Accountability

  • Steward of school culture 
  • Own the school’s character development efforts 
  • Model a school-wide culture of respect and compassion 
  • Elevate student voice and leadership in classrooms and across the school 
  • Make Habits of Scholarship visible across the school and in daily instruction 
  • Prioritize social and emotional learning, along with academic learning, across the school 
  • Models strengths-based, growth-mindset approach to maintaining a strong school culture 
  • Oversee the development and implementation of student supports and interventions 
  • Supervise the consistent and fair administration of school policies regarding student conduct and discipline  
  • Evaluate student accountability procedures and outcomes and make necessary adjustments. 
  • Communicate school accountability policies to staff, parents & visitors. 
  • Document student accountability procedures for inclusion in student-family handbook and faculty handbook. 
  • Maintain systems for collecting and tracking data on school culture metrics, including discipline and attendance  
  • Oversee behavioral interventions, including family meetings, mediations, suspensions and expulsion hearings 
  • Ensure clear and consistent implementation of student accountability practices amongst staff 
  • Holds staff accountable for school wide norms and staff non-negotiables 
  • Support teachers to create and sustain classroom management systems that ensure a focus on learning and student success 
  • Create and facilitate staff professional development around student accountability 
  • Create and maintain school’s student accountability documentation and staff training materials.  

Family & Community Outreach

  • Manage and conduct incoming student intakes during the summer and school year 
  • Identify and enroll students/families in enrichment opportunities during the school year, school vacation weeks and summertime  

School Safety

  • In conjunction with the Operations Team and the Principal, develop a safe school crisis plan. 
  • Identify procedures for fire drills, shelter in place, etc. 
  • Train staff in school safety and security policies and procedures 
  • Plan for lock down and fire drills 
  • Create visitor sign-in and identification system and protocols  

Community Engagement and Stewardship

  • We are crew, not passengers, and we uphold that ideal as we support each other in reaching our shared goals.  
  • Every adult in our community is a teacher and a role model, and we model and implement EL Education design principles and core practices to the best of our ability in our roles. 
  • Advance the educational mission of the school by participating in duties and responsibilities consistent with building, upholding and promoting a strong Codman community. 
  • We actively value and solicit feedback in order to improve performance.  



We are looking for a dynamic leader with…

  • a strong track record of success as a leader 
  • exceptional communication and motivational skills, including writing and speaking to diverse constituents 
  • a passion for Codman’s mission and EL Education philosophy, which deepens intellectual growth through experience, reflection and social action 
  • a proven ability to build community, inspire and lead teams, whether adults or students, to achieve ambitious learning and teaching goals 
  • successful experience coaching teachers, documenting curricula and supporting strong instructional practice 
  • facility utilizing data to drive improvement 
  • an understanding of child and adolescent development and demonstrated commitment to implementing best practices in 9-12 
  • established habits of creative collaboration 
  • an abiding sense of urgency 
  • licensure qualifications 
  • a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree preferred 
  • at least 5 years of relevant experience
Application Procedure: 

Please apply through our HR website.

Application Deadline: 
September 30, 2019